Ride the Bridge river valley

3 day | 2 night Off-road adventure

The Bridge River Valley tour was designed for riders who value the terrain they ride over the destination. This remote valley is located only 100 km from our home base in Pemberton and boasts some of the best Adventure riding in the area. Over 3 days we take you up and over the Hurley Pass and down into this off-road paradise where we explore amazing backroads to scenic mountain lookouts, follow beautiful rivers on fun double track trails and stay in an Alpine Chalet, Backcountry Lodge or Cabins. This is an unforgettable place to spend 3 days and is truly our favorite spots to explore.


Price: $1499 (Single Occupancy +$260, Bringing your own bike -$390)

Tour Length: 3 Days | 2 Nights (Add an extra day and ride the rolling hills and endless backroads of Cache Creek for $549)

Start Time: 0800

Riding Difficulty: Intermediate | Difficult (mostly off-road)

Distance: 800km

Highlights: Mountains | Wildlife | Remote setting |

| double Track | History | Top-Notch Accommodations



Includes all accommodation with shared rooms and lodging

Wilderness First Aid Qualified Guide

Dot Approved Helmet

Gloves | Boots | Jacket

Bluetooth Communication Headset


Liability Insurance

What to bring

Motorcycle License

Travel Insurance Documents

Durable Pants


Money for food & beverages

Clothes for after each day of riding



Food & Beverages

Other personal expenses

Travel to Moto Experience Headquarters (airport transfer can be arranged)

Travel Insurance (or health care proof mandatory)

on the day

Day 1 – We spend an hour getting you acquainted with your machine, gear, comm unit and fill out some paperwork before heading out for a quick off-road skills test. Next, we head over the Hurley Pass Which is about an 80 km mostly off-road ride. Along the way, we will see spectacular views of the Pemberton Meadows as we leave Pemberton and descend down into the Bridge River Valley. We will explore Lots of backroads that climb up mountains, explore the historic mining towns of Bralorne and Gold Bridge who have a population of fewer than 100 people together. We will make our way to our chalet for the night.

Day 2 – We start the day with a little double track riding at a local riding area. We take a back road through mountains and pass through a past forest fire site, along a few lakes and start making our way to a local town named Lillooet for lunch. This is an unbelievable section of tarmac and dirt, lots of huge rock formations, sheer drops and very little traffic. Once in Lillooet we follow the Fraser River South and take a Reaction ferry across to the other side, a lot of fun! Once across we find a local backroad that takes weaves its way through the forest and into the hills to Lillooet and then back to our home base.

Day 3 – We start the day with a little more double track to get warmed up. We go ride up a local mountain forest service road to a stunning alpine meadow, then we start making our way along carpenter lake rd and climb up over mission mountain. This road is ADV heaven, fairly well-manicured dirt road with consistent corners and stunning views. We have lunch at a little spot in Seton Portage and challenge your guide to a game of pool, he never loses. We cross the magnificent Highline road that sits hundreds of feet above Anderson Lake and eventually make our way back home to Pemberton.

A photo of a lake in the bridge river valley over the hurley
Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 11.23.14 PM
Motorcycle tour stopping at Mclean Lake Cache Creek
Motorcycle tour on Hat Creek Road near Cache Creek Road
2 motorcyclists standing in front of the duffey lake near pemberton bc
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