Ride Pemberton

What better place to get out riding than in Pemberton’s very own back yard. This is where Moto Experience all began, it only makes sense to showcase some of the beauty close to home. An amazing view of the Pemberton Valley from up above, over to the Salt shack with some stunning views of Lillooet Lake, and a quick stop at Joffre Lakes before heading back. There is some dirt riding in this tour however we can take various routes for those less experienced.

Backyard adventures motorcycle tour Backyard adventures motorcycle tour Backyard adventures motorcycle tour Backyard adventures motorcycle tour 


Price: $249

Tour Length: 4.5 Hours

Start Time: 0800 & 1400

Riding Difficulty: Easy | Intermediate 

Terrain: All Paved

Distance: 100km




Wilderness First Aid Qualified Guide

Dot Approved Helmet

Gloves | Boots | Jacket

Bluetooth Communication Headset


Unreal Adventures

What to bring

Motorcycle License

Travel Insurance Documents

Durable Pants


Money for food & beverages



Insurance (Mandatory separate item – $25)

Food & Beverages

Other personal expenses

Travel to Moto Experience Headquarters

On the day

After getting acquainted with the bikes we’ll head to one of our favorite spots close to town. It’s got a little dirt to get used to on the way down to the river and we’ll check the skill level of the riders to determine where we end up.

Based on the skill level of the riders there a few places we may visit. A forest service road up the mountain will bring us to the paraglide launch, which has an amazing view of the surrounding mountains as well as the Pemberton meadows and if we’re lucky will get to see some of the paragliders take off, however it is a little difficult and not for the less experienced dirt rider.

If we cannot visit the launch, Mosquito lake isn’t too far away and quite easily accessible. A hidden lake surrounded by mountains and a great place for a dip if you feel like it.  

From here, we’ll head back over to the Duffey & we have an amazing paved road full of switchbacks and long straights lead us up to Joffre lakes where we will stop and walk into the first lake. It has become an iconic part of Pemberton and is a sight not to miss.

The salt shack is only 5km past but provides a safe place to turn around with some fun roads in between and amazing views either side before heading back to Pemberton.

Riding motorbikes around Pemberton
A view of Mount Currie in Pemberton from the main street during our backyard adventures motorcycle tour
KLR riding down a dirt road just outside of Pemberton
Green Kawasaki motorcycle on a dirt road in front of snow capped mountains
Joffre Lake backyard adventures motorcycle tour
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