Moto Experience Policies

  1. You must be at least 21 years old to operate one of our motorcycles
  2. A DOT approved helmet must be worn at all times, we will provide you an  appropriate helmet for your tour or you may bring your own
  3. We have a zero tolerance for alcohol policy, zero alcohol is permitted to be consumed during or prior to the motorcycle tour
  4. The guest must sign the rental agreement and agree to the terms and conditions before departing
  5. The guest who has signed the rental agreement and liability release is the only person allowed to operate the rented motorcycle
  6. A valid motorcycle license is required to participate in all motorcycle tours. Guests with a learners license will be subject to certain restrictions
  7. A valid international drivers permit is required for licenses that do not meet Canadian standards
  8. A major valid credit card is required to book one of our motorcycle tours (visa or mastercard)
  9. 24 hours notice for booking is suggested, however not always required.
  10. Guest must provide valid travel insurance document, or BC MSP.


Every guest will receive a guided orientation to their motorcycle. The guest orientation will cover all aspects of safe motorcycle operation & local and provincial laws and test the skills required for the tour of choice. We have a 0 alcohol tolerance while operating our machines.


Each guest is required to safely complete a skills test designed for the tour they have chosen. The skills test requires the guest to show their guide safe operation of the front and rear brake at speed, low speed maneuvers and clutch work and that they understand how to use all hand and foot controls.


Breakdowns and accidents are unfortunately a part of operating a machine. We keep logged books to keep up with maintenance and track each bikes service intervals, and complete pre-emptive maintenance to make sure the machines are fit for riding for your journey. We take into account the length of each tour to make sure the brakes, oils and tires are at their best for the length of your trip. The guests well being is our first priority, please take appropriate measures to ensure your safety as everything else comes secondary. We do not wish to take profit when the eventual dealing of damages takes place, we only wish to have the bike returned to the state in which it was rented in and to have these costs covered. We buy genuine OEM parts to replace any bent or broken parts and do not allow renters to provide replacement parts, or to arrange repairs privately.


We understand that flat tires can be caused by a number of different reasons, and that no one plans to get a flat tire. Because we take all measures to make sure the tires are fit for riding, we view a flat tire as the guests responsibility. The flat tire would not have occurred if the result was not indirectly related to you renting the bike, and hitting the object that caused the puncture. Since we will benefit from the increased life from the replacement we will cover 50% of the replacement tire and tube. The other 50% will be covered by the rider and will be deducted from the riders security deposit.


Bikes are made to be ridden and we all love to ride them, therefore we aren’t worried about minor cosmetic damages caused by the surroundings however damages caused by crashes will need repairs before the next ride. In the occurrence that you do crash and damage parts, including plastics, controls & body parts the OEM parts will be replaced by a certified mechanic at cost.


When reserving a seat on one of our tours we are turning away all other guests that would like to book on that day which is why any cancellations within 24 hours of the adventure time are subject to a full charge of the tour cost. Moto Experience Canada Inc. reserves the right to cancel tours due to inclement weather, foreseeable hazards, road closures, forest fires and events outside of our control. Full refunds will be issued or alternate arrangements will be made in these unlikely events.


  1. A valid credit card and motorcycle license are required to make a reservation
  2. We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for any cancelled reservation



Moto Experience accepts the following methods of payment: Cash, VISA, Master Card, AMEX. A valid major credit card will be needed initially to secure the reservation. If the guest would like to pay with cash after the tour has finished the guest is free to do so.


3rd party liability coverage is a mandatory charge of $25 per day per rider. This insurance covers the operator against any damages to a 3rd party while on tour. With only 3rd party liability coverage the guest is 100% responsible for all damages to their motorcycle beyond general wear and tear. In the occurrence that you do crash and damage parts, including plastics, the oem parts will be replaced by a certified mechanic at cost and will be deducted from your security deposit.

PLEASE always check your credit company or insurance company when using the included insurance for coverage, as motorcycle rental is often not included.


Liability Insurance options are subject to the express terms and conditions of the rental contract and do not include coverage for injury, personal property, or damage as the result of negligence such as illegal use or use of machine while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A Police Report is required for all damages or accidents.

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