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Moto Experience Adventure Info Get the know before you go

Moto Experience Adventure Info will provide all of the details you need to know before booking a tour with us.

Adventure Tours (all half and full day tours can be booked 24 hours in advance; and are refundable up to 24 hours before hand)

All multi day adventures require a little more planning and we’ll work with you to plan it.

Once a tour is booked for the day, we will fill that tour so that guests have riding companions.

All Moto Experience Adventure Tours require their participants to hold a valid motorcycle license. Foreign equivalents will be accepted after verification.

All of our tours start by meeting at the Moto Experience warehouse in Pemberton to review and sign waivers and complete a motorcycle orientation. We know you’ve ridden beforehand but want to make sure you’re well acquainted with our bikes before hitting the road. Tours that contain off road riding will also require that you complete a dirt riding assessment before leaving Pemberton.


Under no circumstances is any person suspected to be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol permitted to participate on any tours. A refund WILL NOT be issued to anyone who has been denied participation of a tour for these reasons.

Valid international travel insurance, OR valid BC Medical is required by all riders. Although incidents are extremely rare, your insurance will cover any damages to the others involved and will need to be covered medically yourself.

Secure your reservation by paying upfront for a half or full day tour. Mutli-day trips require a %25 downpayment to secure the booking that is refundable up until 30 days prior.

A $2000 damage deposit is required by all riders prior to departing. Bikes are made to be ridden and we all love to ride them, therefore aren’t worried about minor cosmetic damages caused by the surroundings however damages caused from crashes will need repairs before the next ride. In the occurrence that you do crash and damage parts, including plastics, the oem parts will be replaced by a certified mechanic at cost.

Any Cancellations to half and full day tours made within 24 hours of the adventure time will be subject to a full charge of the tour cost. Another tour date may be arranged in certain circumstances. Moto Experience reserves the right to cancel tours due to inclement weather, foreseeable hazards, road closures and events outside of our control. Full refunds will be issued or alternated arrangements made in these unlikely events.

Multi-day Trip Cancellations made within 30 days of the departure date will be subject to lose the %25 deposit paid to book the tour. Rescheduling may be available, however hotel cancellation and rebooking fee’s may apply.

Moto Experience guides have medical first aid training, and are equipped with a Garmin Inreach satellite phone. As we are travelling in between towns on some less travelled roads, medical attention beyond that which the guide provides may be a few hours away. Please read and understand the waiver.

All tours include a KLR650 to ride, a Dot Approved adventure helmet, riding gloves, boots, gas, guide, and unreal adventures

All half and full day tours exclude food, accommodation, 3rd party liability insurance (although its mandatory), health insurance or travel insurance, or any alcoholic beverages that may be consumed once riding has ceased for the day.

Multi-day tours include accommodation, and some meals (will be confirmed once trip is booked) however extra snacks, beverages must be purchased individually, and health or travel insurance purchased pre-trip.

Accommodation can be arranged in Pemberton if you wish to stay the night prior, and we have various options for our overnight tours. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll provide some options. Our Multi-day adventures are able to be booked any time throughout the Summer. Because of this, we have options to stay in various Lodges, Cabins, and hotels in the area’s listed on the tour description, and we will confirm exact accommodation for your trip once the trip is booked.

Taxes and Mandatory 3rd party liability are not included in the tour price. Mandatory 3rd Party Liability insurance is $25 per person.

Moto Experience Adventure Info Moto Experience Adventure Info
Moto Experience Adventure Info Moto Experience Adventure Info
Guy smiling while sitting on his Kawasaki Adventure Motorcycle

Rider that joined a tour

Motorcycle rider with back facing, looking out over Lillooet Lake Moto Experience Adventure Info

Looking out over Pemberton Valley

KLR650 over looking Anderson Lake, while riding the High Line

Overlooking Anderson Lake on the Highline

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