2 people on klr650 motorcycles, talking to each other on a dirt road with mountains in the background

Hire a coach

If you are looking for a little help getting comfortable out on the road or on the trail we can teach you the basics.

Our training sessions show you the right stuff to keep you safe and in control of your motorcycle

Motorcyclists in front of the Duffey Lake near Pemberton

Build your skills

Take one of our skill building courses designed to make you feel more comfortable on the road or out on the trail. Our courses were made to teach you the key skills, tips & tricks you need to conquer the roads ahead.

We can accommodate groups from to 1-5 riders in 1/2 or full day duration’s. 

The courses

  • Skills test training 101 – learn what you need to pass your Motorcycle Skills Test              
  • Off-road 101 – an introduction to dirt riding and the skills you need to stay on your bike   
  • Adventure 101 – learn how to ride your Adventure bike on & off-road                                    
  • Bike maintenance 101 – how to keep your machine out of the shop         

       1/2 day course $99.99 / per person / machine not included 

       full day course $149.99 / per person / machine not included                       

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