Guided Motorcycle Tours

Day Tours


Ride Whistler

Want to see the sights surrounding Whistler? Jump on a bike and take a ride around town, checking out the hot spots including waterfalls, the Callaghan Valley, a few beautiful lakes and some of the best local knowledge around.


Duffey Lake Road

The Duffey Lake Road is an iconic 100 km mountainous stretch of pavement that connects Pemberton and Lillooet. This road has all the key elements to satisfy most motorcycle riders like tight switchbacks, long sweeping corners, a few long straits, mountain views…


Ride Pemberton

If you’ve only got a short amount of time and want to get out for a ride, then let us show you our backyard. There are some amazing lookouts not too far, and a mix of road and dirt riding to enjoy. Take in the sights and scratch that riding itch for a morning or afternoon.


Carpenter Lake Tour

Touring around Carpenter Lake is not for the faint hearted, it’s packed full of Adventure. We travel on and off-road, over mountains, across valleys and high above the lakes. You’ll require off-road riding skills to experience the breath-taking views some 700 feet above Anderson lake…


The High Line

The High line tour is an amazing elevated dirt road that stretches 30 km’s from the beginning of Anderson Lake and finishes in Seton Portage. This amazing stretch of road has some technical sections, jaw dropping views of Anderson Lake…


ADV Ranch

The Ranch Tour is a full day adventure ride through Cache Creek’s beautiful rolling hill sides. This route is an action-packed ride aimed to tick all the boxes a good adventure ride should like, mountain passes, twisty roads, stunning scenery, a variety of different road types to keep you stimulated…

Multi Day Tours


West Coast Best Coast | 7 Day

The West Coast Best Coast tour is a multi-surface, multi-day adventure traveling through some of the best riding around. Stunning mountain ranges, more lakes than you can imagine, historic sites, road riding, dirt roads, & double track linking the towns together. 


Kettle Valley Tour | 3 Day

The Kettle Valley Tour is a 3 day on and off-road adventure ride through the Thompson and Okanagan Valleys. This tour is aimed at intermediate riders looking for more than 1 day in the saddle. There are some basic off-road sections but for the most part, is not technical…


Ride the Bridge River Valley | 3 Day

Over 3 days we take you up and over the Hurley Pass and down into this off-road paradise where we explore amazing backroads to scenic mountain lookouts, follow beautiful rivers on fun double track trails and stay in an Alpine Chalet, Backcountry Lodge or Cabins. 


Bella Coola | 6 Day

We designed this tour for the true adventure motorcycle traveler. A rider who likes spending time in remote places and appreciates nature in it’s most rugged form. Bella Coola is rich is first nation history and culture and has an abundance of wildlife to see.


Build your own

Have something else in mind? If one of our tours doesn’t quite meet your needs feel free to build your own custom motorcycle adventure with the help of our team. We can help you design your ultimate Motorcycle Adventure tour …

Guided Motorcycle Tours
Motorcycle doing a burnout on a dirt road outside Whistler

It's time for Adventure!

The term “Adventure” is in the eye of the beholder. Whether you like a mellow drive up a mountain pass or steep decent down a double track road, adventure means something different to everyone. Our guided motorcycle tours show off our slice of riders heaven. We get outdoors, and let you see the sights while riding some of the best scenic routes around.

Our backyard is packed full of the most amazing roads Canada has to offer. Whistler, Pemberton and Western BC has a huge amount of terrain to be explored by all skill levels. Paved roads through the Sea to Sky, rocky double track through mountain canyons and forrest service roads linking everything between.

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