Fraser Canyon

The Fraser Canyon Loop is best ridden as a 2 day trip starting your adventure right here in Pemberton B.C. The Loop is a total of 683 kms that will take you roughly 10 hours to complete driving
the speed limits and making the occasional pit stop for fuel and something to eat. This ride really has a lot to offer in terms of roads types, scenery and speed limits. The loop could start here in Pemberton where you climb the Duffy Lake Rd which is a magical 100 km stretch of beautiful pavement. From there you continue on through to Cache Creek. The road to Cache Creek is one of my favorites, it has long sweeping corners that you can see for kilometers and very little traffic. From Cache Creek you start your journey south towards Hope. This section of road is very fast, there are a lot of trucks and fast moving vehicles but it is still a lot of fun. You will arrive in Hope which is a nice spot to break for lunch and to fuel up. They have a few great little cafes we like to spend time at. This leg of the journey takes you down the Sea to Sky highway but first you need to make it through Vancouver. This section should be avoided on weekdays from 3pm - 6pm as the traffic will definitely put a damper on your mood. Once you get past North Vancouver the road opens up to a beautiful two lane highway with lots and lots of corners, hills and fun stretches of road. Please be aware of Police during high traffic times, keeping your speed down will help you avoid a ticket on this stretch as the Police has no problem issuing tickets to speeding motorcyclists. Once you reach Whistler you will be about 30 kms from Pemberton where you most likely started your adventure. Another thing to keep in mind is depending on what time of day or you are travelling the route is also very nice heading south first and returning from the north, I guess it depends on your schedule. Enjoy your ride

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