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Motorcycle Riding In Whistler

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Road Riding

Motorcycle riding in Whistler has been growing in all forms over the past few years and expanding to a large variety of people. Now with the road specific, dirt specific and all of the adventure models, there is something for everyone. Although Whistler Blackcomb has long been known for its abundance of snow and winter escapades, the last few years has seen the summers flourish and the activities made available expand tremendously. Home to world famous ski hill, and downhill mountain bike park, Whistler Blackcomb houses avid adventure enthusiasts from all over the world, looking to try new things, or fill their cup with their favourite outdoor past times. 

Motorcycle riding up a dirt road surrounded by mountains in between whistler and pemberton

This little gem of ours has something for every 2-wheeled fan. The Sea to Sky corridor boasts some of the most break taking ocean views, winding and twisting its way through the mountains from Vancouver to Squamish then onto Whistler. This paved delight can be enjoyed on any motorized steed, but remember to take caution as there are many cars on the road. On the other side of Pemberton is the iconic Duffey Lake road. This unbelievable road has 300+ turns, pristine lakes, remnants of landslides and avalanches and beautiful mountain scapes. It links many of our tours together, and we feature it as its own tour as it really a wonder to ride.

Dirt Biking in Whistler & Pemberton

Nestled between Whistler and Pemberton is the Green River Motocross track. Open (weather dependant) at the end of the spring and all throughout summer the track is a great place to get comfy in the air and hone in your dirt bike skills. The track is decent size and people travel from Vancouver to come and ride it with the Pemby Moto guys keeping the track in great condition.
From Squamish to Pemberton there are a TONNE of mountainous riding areas that are home to many logging roads, some winding backwards into the country, some heading straight up into the alpine. Most of the single-track trails are known by the local riders, and not often shared in public places although there are plenty of listed riding areas. The Pemberton Dirt Bike Association has just started the process to build some worthy single-track trails not too far outside of Pemberton as the dirt bike enthusiast population grows.

Motorcycle Riding in Whistler Motorcycle Riding in Whistler Motorcycle Riding in Whistler

Byrn Hughes ripping his KTM dirt bike up a rock face

Adventure Riding

Adventure riding in the area is some of the most unique riding you can do. Combining the breath taking paved scenic roads, logging roads into the alpine, double track ATV trails (and some single track for the skilled big bike riders) there is literally day’s and days’ worth of exploring within minutes of Whistler, not to mention the fun we have getting out further inland.

2 BMW GS1200 motorbikes spraying mud on a dirt road outside lillooet
Jody Tracey showing off with a wheelie
2 KLR650 motorcycles riding through a puddle splashing water

Keep an eye out for more posts about riding in the area or join us on tour!

We’ll explore more of our trips toward the interior in our next written piece as we take our adventures to more amazing places in Western BC.

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