Carpenter Lake ADV

Touring around Carpenter Lake is not for the faint hearted, it’s packed full of Adventure. We travel on and off-road, over mountains, across valleys and high above the lakes. You’ll require off-road riding skills to experience the breath-taking views some 700 feet above Anderson lake, and enjoy twists and turns through paved mountainous corridors on the way to Lillooet.


Price: $349

Tour Length: 8 Hours

Start Time: 0800

Riding Difficulty: Intermediate | Advanced

Distance: 260km




Wilderness First Aid Qualified Guide

Dot Approved Helmet

Gloves | Boots | Jacket

Bluetooth Communication Headset


Unreal Adventures

What to bring

Motorcycle License

Travel Insurance Documents

Durable Pants


Money for food & beverages



Insurance (Mandatory separate item – $25)

Food & Beverages

Other personal expenses

Travel to Moto Experience Headquarters

On the day

The Carpenter Lake loop combines various aspects from some of other half day tours to make one epic full day adventure. With the riding area’s having so much to offer, the tour can be upgraded into a 2 day adventure with more time spent exploring each location.

Once we have finished orientation and skills assessment we will head towards D’Arcy. We’ve got endless twisty roads surrounding Pemberton, with lush mountainous views and some wildlife sighting opportunities. Depending on the time of year there is a great Salmon spawning spot, bears, deer and eagle’s!

Once we hit D’Arcy you’ll have amazing views of Anderson Lake where many recreation activities take place. You can often find people swimming, fishing, boating, and kayaking around here.

The Highline road is an amazing elevated dirt road that stretches 30 km’s from the beginning of Anderson Lake and finishes in Seton Portage. the High Line Road immediately starts to climb the side of the mountain and within a few km’s you find yourself greeted with some seriously breathtaking scenery. This dirt road winds along the side of the lake and offers steep switch backs, stunning scenery, mellow rolling hills and tight sections of road with no guard rails. At the end you’ll ook back at the lake and the road you’ve just travelled and it looks like someone has painted it. We’ll stop for tea/coffee at the Barrel on Inn.

Next we’ll zig zag up the dirt switchbacks over Mission mountain and back down to Carpenter lake. There’s a tunnel that’s been blasted through the rock and a huge damn wall to ride over before following the river on a paved road through to Lillooet. Along the road there’s dusty mountainous landscapes, rock corridors overhanging the road and the chance to see various wildlife.

We’ll have a break in Lillooet for refreshments before hitting up the Duffey Lake road back to Pemberton. The Duffey Lake Road is an iconic 100 km mountainous stretch of pavement that connects Pemberton and Lillooet and takes the average rider approximately 1.5 hours to complete and you’ll see a vast change in scenery as we travel. Depending on the time of year it can start with very snow-capped mountains and lush green forest, through to the sandy desert like surroundings of Lillooet.

There will be a few options for food throughout the day or a bagged lunch can be pre-organized to have on top of Mission Mountain. As mentioned above, tour can be extended to include a second day. The riding options around here are endless. Inquire for accommodation options.

guys standing above anderson lake on the highline with motorcycles
Drone road


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